Our Needs




Would you like to help us pay for our various programmes and needs?  There are lots of ways you can support us with a one-off donation - it makes a big difference!  Here are a few suggestions...


Item 301

Badjao Mentoring & Health Day

Weekly Mentoring Day at the farm for 12 Badjao children including nutrition packed meal, literacy training, spiritual guidance, livelihood training and medical / hygiene help.

Item 302

Social Worker

Weekly employment for social worker to bring healing intervention to the lives of abused and neglected children.

Item 303

Life Enhancement

Weekly life enhancement programme for abused and abandoned children in the City Children's Refuge (Fruit snacks, educational support, personal care, play therapy).

Item 304

Daily Life

One off cost to buy and install Gasifier wood burner to provide clean wood fuel cooking with a charcoal bi-product, thus saving £200.00 annually in commercial bottled gas.

More Info.

Item 305


Annual "Birthday at the farm" party for street children incarcerated in the City Refuge including fiesta food, birthday present, one-to-one "party-buddies" from the team, Buffalo rides, swimming in the river, picture portrait with baby goats.

Item 306

Help for Richard

Cost to provide professional speech therapy for Richard and basic speech therapy training for his house-parents.

Item 307

A Day a Month

Whilst all our basic expenses are covered by existing donors (Thanks!), we are praying for THIRTY NEW PARTNERS who can each “run” the Safe Home for a day through a monthly gift of £50. This will provide direct childcare costs of food, medical, education and clothing. If you feel prompted to help in this way, or would like a bit more information, please drop us a line.


Just Give

Just Give

If you are not sure what to give to, click on the donate button here and just give freely to our needs.  We will then decide what the most urgent need is and ensure your money goes straight to that need.



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