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  July 2016


  Dear Friends,

  There is new news about new things!

  Nim learns a new way to learn and Duncan finds there is not mush room here!

  Click here to read about it.

  Love from the team



Dear Friends.

Here is the latest news from The Fathers Refuge on Palawan island, Philippines (Click Here)

Read the attached newsletter to find out what we have been up to over the last few months.

Life continues here, still busy with this important work.
God sets the lonely in families, Psalm 68:6

Thank you and God Bless,  
Sam Dowding and all the Gang here on Palawan.

Hello dear Friends,
Hope your Christmases were suitably merry and New Years Happy as well.
Much Love...




November 2015 Please don't be too shocked that you've had two newsletters in the space of three weeks.  It's partly we're going "little and often" with news.

Enjoy this and we'll be in touch early in the New Year with news of the grand opening of the Badjao Bridge and some wonderful shots of traditional rice harvesting here on our farm.

In the meantime have a peace-filled Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Much love...


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October 2015

Hello everyone! Lovely to be back in the Filipino saddle again so-to-speak. A new stint and so a new format.  Six lovely shots with short comments every month to keep you in the picture. Hope you enjoy it!


Much love and thanks for all your friendship, generosity and prayers! Duncan, Sara and all the Father's Refuge Team here in Palawan.

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May 2015

Dear Friends, The summer is almost here, England have just won there first Test at Lords, and - although not everything right is quite alright with the world - there's so much to be thankful for! In this news...

See pictures of our newly rescued baby foster girl, appropriately named Bebe!

Hear about Dhong's unfortunate encounter with a Cobra (and why he survived it)

Discover Chef Dixany's rather unconventional culinary use for Pig manure and

Get the dates for our Tropical Summer Tour! ...

Coming to a Church near you (if you live in Dorset , Salisbury or Huddersfield!)

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With all our love, Duncan and Sara and all the Palawan Perspirers!


March 2015

Dear Friends, At last the long awaited latest instalment of events here in Palawan. Lots to report including... Cherrymae and Duncan giving Eric Liddell a run for his money... Sara with Anna are Belles of the Village Ball. A lovely shot of Jun being baptised in our river. News of Eden's rather different Christmas Day at the Badjao Village! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for all your love and support!

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Much love, Duncan and Sara. 




September 2014

Hello dear friends,

We've had a fun-packed, visitor packed (house definitely packed!) summer. So busy that it's been hard to put pinkie to keyboard to write to you all. But the last visitor has gone back (Josh) and the dust has just begun to settle so here is all the latest news, gossip and speculation from our Little House in a Paddy Field.


Lots of good news and some exciting openings for the future.

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Thanks for all your love, prayers and support!

Much love, Dunc and Sara


May 2014

Dear Friends,

It's high hot-season here and the weather is shirt-wringing-ly humid (and not only shirts for that matter). Hopefully it's the start of a long, hot summer for all our UK supporters (after a cold, wet, duffer of a winter).

Lots of lovely news attached including; Jun doing battle with a beast which definitely got under his skin. Sara stoically resisting accusations of illegally transporting drunks. Your first glimpse of our next rescued child, and Duncan's batty idea for a jungle feast.

Be cool!


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Love from Duncan, Sara and all the Palawan Perspirers!



Easter 2014

Happy Easter Dear Friends!
Please find attached the thrills and spills (not to mention ills and pills) of the past couple of months.  In which...
Duncan enjoys the company of a rather unusual bird on his birthday.
Our first former foster child joins the adult team.
Anna proves that a life started on the streets can be a success and
A grant from CRY makes the Badjao LAUGH!
Hope you enjoy this holiday edition (our long summer holiday has just begun) and that the Easter season offers some opportunity for rest and refreshment for you all.
Much love from us all, Duncan and Sara        (Click here)


8th February 2014


Our first three months back have been lived apace... a bit like that pepsi advert.

"Wind blowin'... Floods risin'... birth givin'... Yule tidin'... x-rayin'... vow makin'... food givin'... fight losin'... raft makin'... snake catchin'.. gift wrappin'... trike drivin'... PALAWAN!"


Enjoy :-) the attached newsletter (Click here).


Love, Dunc, Sara, Dhong, Cecil, Jun, Nanet, Sam, Luchie and all the team and children.



26th August 2013

 Dear Friends,

We're here in England enjoying an Indian summer and an Ashes victory!
You'll see Josh and his Chinese Bill in a Filipino China shop (sort of);   A strange masked man trying to extract something from street children;  A wonderful story of little Jannah's unexpected return to the fold and;  Well won't spoil it but a rather unique shot entitled "never work with children and animals... whoops too late!"
And, mustn't forget, there are the dates of our European Tour... maybe British Tour is more accurate.... well Dorset Tour then for four weeks from September 15th until October 6th - hope to see you at one of them!!
Love, Duncan and Sara and all the Gang.


16th June 2013

 Dear Friends, We've moved!

We have our own farm and the first home of the Safe Village is complete and occupied! Thank you Lord! Thank you all too for your support, love and friendship since we bumbled out to this remote place almost six years ago with just our suitcases our dreams and our ignorance

We're in the last six weeks of a 20 month stint and look forward to seeing many of you soon in England. In the meantime enjoy the attached news (click here) and look out for another one around the end of July which will include our speaking dates for September and October.


With much love, Duncan and Sara and all the family at Kanlungan Ng Ama ("The Father's Refuge").

23rd April 2013

"We've been kidding ourselves"
Well that's how it seemed as six cute little arrivals have monopolised our time these past few weeks...

Anyway, I'll leave you to read about that and other escapades in the attached news in which;

Jolito plays the role of Winnie the Pooh to some real Piglets.

Duncan has a Shelob moment quickly followed by a Gollum experience.

We take in six more kids - but not the human variety - there's the cutest picture of our little orphan goat.

Eden leads re-enforcements to remind us what we're here for in the first place

Hope you enjoy it!     
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Love from Duncan and Sara and all the sweaty gang in Palawan Hot Season

17th March 2013

Happy Spring Everyone!
The time of year when an older man's heart turns to thoughts of lunch...
March here ushers in the hot dry season but there's still a lovely sense of "Spring" in the air as we embark on a fresh chapter.
Please enjoy the latest update which features...
Gary Fry dicing with reptilian death
Duncan teaching "stuck-in-the-mud" to Jenny and Luchie the hard way.
Dhong and Jun enjoying receiving some rather barbed comments and  Luchie being less than convinced with menu suggestions from "River Nipa Cottage Recipes"
Click here.... 

Lots of love from Dunc and Sara and all the Palawan (Chain) Gang



20th January 2013

Dear Friends,
Love from us all here in Palawan, Duncan.

15th January 2013
Happy New Year!Christmas 2012
The more observant amongst you will note that we have not sent news for five months - an unprecedented length of time "off air".
In truth we've been hanging on for some BIG news. Now there's too much for just the one newsletter so this one (Out with the old) gets us up to date as of New Year's Eve (as well as some tantalising hints as to the BIG news...)
Then next week, God willing, the follow up Special (In With The New) will spill the beans on a major step forward for the work and a curtain raiser as to what 2013 holds.
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